USPS Mailing Rules

Our goal at Coastal Printing is to help you meet postal regulations and get the best value for your printing and postage budget. We can help you with the simplest project or the most complicated.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is constantly updating its rules. The USPS website at is an excellent resource, but it is a complex tool. Finding the information you need can lead you to confusing and seemingly conflicting information. Using a professional mailer like Coastal Printing can save you time and frustration in designing your mail piece and determining your discounts.

We recommend you work with us from the start in designing your mail piece to current specifications. Through our relationship with the post office and our professional affiliations, we can help you design your mail piece to meet the newest requirements for size, paper weight, folds, flaps, tabs, aspect ratios, and address panel placement.

For 2014, here are a few updates that may affect your planning:

  1. Proposed Postal Rate Increase for July 2014 – Go to click on July 2014 Price Change Information in the left hand column (zipped spreadsheet file)
  2. The Postal Service has delayed the Jan. 26, 2014 implementation of the Full-Service Intelligent Mail requirement for automation price discounts. Mailers who are not currently enrolled in Full-Service effective Jan. 26, 2014, will still be able to claim automation prices.
    A Guide to Intelligent Mail For Letters and Flats
  3. The 2014 USPS Quick Service Guide is an important publication that lists the MOST CURRENT design and preparation requirements. It covers various classes of mail, including Priority Mail, Every Door Direct Mail, Parcels, Machinable and Non-Machinable Postcards and Letters, and much more:

USPS Quick Service Guide effective September 2014 (PDF):

In addition, in 2013, the USPS began to enforce 2011 rules that affected the design and preparation of many common mail pieces. If you are new to mailing or if you are reprinting a job from 2012 or earlier, we should sit down together and plan your project to fit today’s requirements.

This video highlights the scope of the 2013 changes as they affected self-mailers. Keep in mind this is just an OVERVIEW. Many of the 2013 changes continue to be subject to scrutiny and clarification.

Here are some additional resources as you navigate the mailing process:

USPS Postage Price Calculator

2014 Postal Bulletins

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Every Door Direct Mail program

Bulk Mail / Business Mail Basics

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