Coastal Printing is happy to receive files from our customers in any way that you wish to send them to us. We do however, have a an easy to use web portal InSite which allows you upload either native or PDF files and in turn soft proof them, add your notes and approve or reject our proofs.


With the exception of Google Chrome, InSite works best with Firefox and Internet Explorer. Safari can be touchy depending on the operating system and the java version.

*To use InSite you will need to contact your sales representative or customer service representative so that we can create you an account and issue you a user name and password. In addition, prior to the commencement of a new project you will need to call us so that we can add a “Job Folder” in your workspace so that you can place your files in that job specific folder.

Go to InSite to upload your files or to review a proof *


InSITE FTP is an alternative option to using our INSITE file upload system. We would prefer you to use the INSITE system as it delivers files directly into our workflow and enables us to work on them faster. However, if for some reason you don’t have your user name and password handy, our InSite ftp option allows you to upload files into a secure folder on InSite without all of the “bells and whistles.” These files will upload, but will not automatically enter our work flow. We will be notified when your files are uploaded to the InSite ftp, and move them manually to the designated job for processing.

IMPORTANT~ You can upload a folder with all of necessary final pdf’s or native files directly to the InSite ftp. We do not recommend zipping or stuffing the files.

Secondary FTP:

Just in case you don’t want to use our InSite Web Portal or for some reason cannot use it, we have an have a Secondary FTP alternative that you can upload your files to us.

ANONYMOUS – user name: coastal, password: coastal – Upload to our one-way file upload site. There are no download rights when using this option, so even though you can see other files on the page you cannot open or download them (just as others cannot open or download your files).

The Secondary ftp is for file transfer only, there are no options for proofing when uploading to this site. When uploading to the Secondary ftp, we advise you to ZIP or STUFF your native files before uploading. PDF’s do not need to be zipped or stuffed.

Click here to go to our Secondary FTP Site

Email (Files up to 8MB Max)

For small files (less than 8MB) you can send them to via email. We advise you to ZIP or STUFF the files first as email transfer of native files CAN CORRUPT them. Also, if emailing, please call us after you send the email, to make sure the email was received and that it did not get placed in our SPAM system.


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