Promos by Coastal provides environmentally friendly promotional products to help grow your business. We have taken a strong position in choosing promotional product manufacturers that are leaders in implementing rigorous quality control and compliance standards. These manufacturers have taken a proactive position to guarantee the products they make are both safe and compliant to government standards. You can be assured in the knowledge that we have taken the responsibility to ensure compliance.

We have promotional products made from a diverse range of materials, such as: recycled plastics, clothes, denim, electronics and newspaper! By purchasing ecologically responsible promotional products and premiums you are helping keep our skies and water clear and clean while promoting your business. Going Green is showing your prospects and clients that you care about your environment, and are doing something about it. You are not just an Eco-Talker.

Try using 100% Organic Promotional Products made from Cotton, Hemp, Bamboo or Soy.

We have the best selection of recycled, biodegradable, organic, and natural ingredient products available for your logo and branding. We offer top quality eco friendly recycled Products, including eco friendly shopping bags and eco friendly canvas bags.

Don’t be just an Eco-Talker, show you care about our environment, let Promos by Coastal help “Go Green” with your next promotional product or premium program!

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