To help our customers remain at the forefront of environmental compliance and eco-citizenship Coastal Printing became a “Green Printer.”

For years we have been a registered FSC Printer, proving our commitment to sustainable forest usage and management. However, recently we have looked at other programs such as the ChoosePrint.org program, which we see to be a more vibrant, pro-active and user friendly program, delivering the message we want to communicate about our role as a caring eco-friendly company.

Through campaigns and programs such as “ChoosePrint.org” we are helping millions of trees to be replanted every year and forests to be responsibly managed to maintain and grow wildlife populations, control water run-off and erosion – helping our planet’s atmosphere sustain its balance in the face of global warming!

Coastal Printing also looks at all the other aspects of our business to ensure a minimal carbon footprint. By using zero VOC emission inks, power saving technologies, recycling and many other processes and programs we reduce the energy needed to produce the printed products you purchase from us.

Ask us to add the ChoosePrint.org logo to your next printing project to show your customers that you too are committed to producing recyclable, renewable and sustainable printed products. And, that you are playing your part to responsibly manage our natural resources.

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We are also part of the Green Business Partnership (GBP) in Sarasota County, Florida.  Coastal Printing is a Certified Green Business Partner, meaning we have made an extra effort to operate in an environmentally responsible manner by implementing verified core and elective GBP program standards in waste, energy and water reduction measures, while increasing recycling and conservation practices. 

The Green Partnership The Green Business Partnership is a collaborative effort, including businesses, business organizations and local governments. The GBP program was initiated through a grant awarded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to Sarasota County. To date, 150 businesses have earned certification. Currently, there are 132 active GBP members.  
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