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Why are print buyers making G7 a requirement?

Typically a print‐buy is either distributed geographically or distributed across different print types. So, for example, a buyer may want to purchase marketing collateral, packaging and signage with the same brand imagery. Clearly the substrate, gamut and other print characteristics will vary for the different print products.

But if all the print products have the same gray balance and neutral tonality defined by G7, they will look remarkably alike to the human eye. Because buyers believe the similarity of the visual appearance across print products is critical, they now make G7 a buying requirement.

G7 is a standard that is being adopted amongst the top printers in the USA and Canada, it is similar to “SWOP” standards, where a proof can be output from a G7 calibrated proofing device and sent to a G7 Master Printer and can then be reliably printed to meet the color or the proof as the G7 Master Printer’s printing presses have been calibrated (and certified) to print within the tight color gamut range set by Gracol (G7) standards.

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