Coastal Printing can help you connect with your customers using the USPS and other media tools. We have the skills and experience to help you get the response rates you want!

Direct Mail has changed; no longer can you just show up for the game… You now have to participate by playing the game and Coastal Printing can help you do that as we have the coach’s play book!

With specialized database text and graphics manipulation, utilization and printing tools, such as XMPie, personalized URL’s and digital printing we can turn your direct mail into variable data printing, reaching each of your target recipients with relevant messaging.

What is Variable Data Printing? At Coastal Printing we call it “Talk-to-One Printing” where we leverage your target audience database; connecting your data with relevant copy and images to deliver a unique message to each recipient via direct mail. Once we have their attention we can drive the recipient back to a personalized URL (pURL), where they enter information about themselves in exchange for a compelling offer.

Bottom line, research (by info trends and other non-bias research agencies) shows that response rates skyrocket when you mix direct mail with these new media tools. By adding pURL’s, email, texting and/or PDA interaction around direct mail you get increased return on your investments (ROI).

Try Coastal Printing for your next mailing project and increase your reponse rates!

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