Update 12/6/2012: We have just updated INSITE to version 6.5 – this fixes the Java 7 incompatibility issue and adds some new “Adobe Flash” functionality – To lean more click HERE to download a PDF with the new functionality information.

The InSite Prepress Portal System is a powerful Internet portal designed to streamline print production and the processes of job submission, collaboration, proofing, and job-status tracking. It reduces turnaround times, lowers proofing costs, enhances customer communication, and offers exceptional visibility into the production process. It enables Coastal Printing and our customers to: upload and download jobs and job data; proof online with geographically dispersed users collaborating simultaneously; append annotations or comments; approve or reject pages; manage information; and access job status over the Internet using a standard browser.

Web-based proofing shortens lead times, lowers costs and is more flexible than conventional proofing!

InSite shortens lead times and reduces material and courier costs by bypassing hard-copy content-proofing cycles. All job information is visible in real time and accessible from anywhere over the Web. Secure access helps ensure only authorized users have access to your print jobs. Online job submission also provides greater flexibility in dealing with late-closing pages or last-minute changes.

Benefits of InSite

  • Secure login enabling print buyers to see only their jobs; including uploading and downloading while maintaining job context
  • Integrated remote proofing with production workflows with annotation and notes capabilities
  • Option to use alternate (down-sampled) images for fast review of page proofs
  • E-mail notification for change requests and other actions
  • Standard Web browser compatibility requiring Java, but NO special plug-ins or apps
  • KODAK Smart Review Proofing Client: High-resolution, production file data on demand, allowing users to pan, zoom, measure, annotate, create change requests, approve/reject images, and simultaneously collaborate across multiple locations with multiple users

Ask to use InSite at Coastal Printing and experience the power and efficiency of online proofing!

Click here to go to log into your account/folder on InSite

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