Week Five Of Our Lean Manufacturing Journey

Posted by CoastalPrint on Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We finished four weeks of two-sessions per week training for our quality team and I just met with the entire workforce of the company in a town hall style meeting, to inform everyone that we were re-starting the Lean Manufacturing Methodology at Coastal Printing and why we were doing so.Lean_CoastalPrinting

The quality team continues to meet twice per week for training and we have installed white boards called “Solve ‘Em’s” for teams to use to enter Problems, Challenges and Issues that are hindering production or causing waste, along with Ideas that will improve Coastal Printing’s value services to our customers.

I am starting to see some entries on the boards – we will start to address them on today.

Also, to improve communication throughout the company we gave all of the frontline employees a coastal email address – this way instead of having multiple meetings and printing out memos, I can communicate with them about Lean Manufacturing and other important topics via email.

Today I sent out a communication with an example to how to use the Five S’s.

Memo: An Example of how to Apply Lean Manufacturing Tools – the Five S’s

lean2_coastalprintingI know that for some of you it is hard to wrap your head around Lean Manufacturing methods and for you to equate how Lean Manufacturing can affect your department.

Using Lean Manufacturing a business (any business) can be offered transformative change results, however, a process of discovery must take place first (the Five S’s). At Coastal Printing each of you will need to think about how your department is currently operating and enlist the help of the people in your department to create standardization.

Standardization is one of the foundations of Lean Manufacturing as it creates the starting point to make changes from). If you don’t have standardization (Standard Operating Procedures) written down then you can’t affect change (as you have no way to measure future change).

Think of it simply: Weight Loss – using the 5S’s.

To start a program of weight loss the first thing one must do is establish you current weight

1.       Sort: Establish your current weight and your future weight goal

2.       Set in order: understanding the values of what you are eating / exercising – establish a system

3.       Shine: Clean up – identify the food types you want to eat or the type of diet you are going to use, the type of exercise you are going to use. Make it simple and easy

4.       Standardize: Start a journal – record everything that you eat or when you exercise and the value of the food or exercise you enter,

5.       Sustain: Now that you have an understanding of all the variables – Live within your goals – make this part of your ongoing life style – commit to it!

If you do the things outlined above you have a much high chance of success (weight loss).

Once you see the five S’s like this – You can start applying them to anything.



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