2nd Week Lean Of Printing Implementation

Posted by CoastalPrint on Monday, April 22, 2013

Ok, so we have started on the journey… Already had the “What does Toyota have to do with Printing” comment but we will leave that for later.

Lean Building BlocksWe kicked off with an hour meeting on Monday at 2pm. I built a presentation (click here if you want to download the PowerPoint) so we could stay on track. We had already been playing with “Lean,” and I mean playing. About two years ago I read the book Lean Printing – Pathway to Success and then re-read it. I wrote notes all over it and then bought 10 copies and gave them to the Coastal Management Team and said “read it” – thinking they would be just as excited as I was about the transformation possibilities.

The press room manager loved the 5S concept and he really dug into it, sorting everything around the presses and throwing out stuff that had not been used for a while, setting in place by building shadow boards and moving around support materials so they were near the presses. His press crews cleaned up (shined) and I thought we had an Island of excellence…

Guess what? That was 3S and 3S does not work. You know why? Because we did not standardize and sustain! We did the easy stuff… the sexy stuff, but when it came to the hard stuff we fudged it.

It was my fault. Our pressroom manager also runs a press, and without “time” to implement standardization it is impossible to sustain.

So, this time I started off by explaining the building blocks and stressing the importance of training – training for the management team so that when we re-start the lean printing process they all understand what will be expected of them, from me, and from our employees (as they will ask questions and they will need to be able to explain why we are doing this and what the process entails).5S Lean Building Block

We touched on what we needed to understand:

1. 5S
2. Standardized Work
3. Visual Cues
4. Plant Layout
5. Teams
And Value Stream Mapping

At the end of our first meeting we set the date for our second meeting (Wednesday @ 2pm), but before we broke up I told each of the management team that they needed to be able to come back to the next meeting with a plan to be able to spend at least two hours per day dedicated to implementing Lean Printing.

In our Wednesday meeting I went around the table asking each manager to confirm that they had found a way to dedicate at least two hours per day to implementing.  Once each manager had committed I told them we would be holding two meetings per week (Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 2pm), where we will train as a team in preparation to start bringing the Lean Printing methods and culture into the company.

I noticed this morning that the press room was once again tidy and that the guys were moving things around and shining up their areas…  Looks to me that we won’t have to much trouble getting Lean rolling again… BUT THIS TIME WE WILL SUSTAIN.

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