Multi-Channel Marketing: PURL’s for Pennies!

Posted by CoastalPrint on Friday, April 5, 2013

I wrote my first blog about Multi Channel marketing last week and believe it or not someone read it! And saved me $14,000! Not bad eh?

Purls_coastalprintingSo here’s my $14,000 blog… Oh and by the way THANKS MARTY!

Over the last year I have been looking at how to create PURLS and how to integrate them with direct mail. It seems to me that I was going to have to bite the bullet and pay for some expensive software to get into this. Having looked at XMPie’s solution and Ducky’s (to name a couple), I had about given up hope of spending less than $10,000 to purchase the software.

But along came Marty… And to save the day! Now I can offer PURL’s to my customers using his easy-to-use web platform that does 80% of the stuff that the super expensive software does!

So as a thank you to Marty, I am recommending that if you want to offer PURL’s as part of your portfolio and have been looking for a solution – go and check out

Now doesn’t have an email delivery program, but does integrate with Mailchimp through the use of a handy-dandy API, making it possible for me to offer my customers.


• Personalized Direct Mail with PURL’s

• Track openings and capture the data they enter

• Send follow up email campaigns

• Add Facebook and other social media connectivity to turn the campaign viral

I might not have a flashy dashboard and have all of this work from one piece of software; however, I am able to get into multi-channel marketing affordably and offer it competitively to my customers.

Using the Purlem and Mailchimp platforms, we are going to continue our own marketing campaign, to see how drinking our own Kool Aid tastes!

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