Do You Need Multi-Channel Marketing?

Posted by CoastalPrint on Tuesday, March 26, 2013
I run a printing company in Sunny Sarasota, Florida, We have been here for over 40 years providing printing services to the businesses that support the real estate, hospitality, medical and tourist industries. We print for over 2,500 businesses, but we have the 80/20 rule just like most businesses.  80% of our sales comes from 20% of our clients.


Sound familiar? I bet it does. It doesn’t matter where your business is located, more than likely you have similar challenges – “How can I get more sales and how can I make more money!” NO? Well then you probably don’t need to read on! However, if like me you’re looking for the answers to these questions then send me $1,000 and I will tell ya. Just kidding.

Somebody told me a few years back that by the turn of the century (I’m talking about the year 2000) there wouldn’t be any more printing, and I once told a customer I didn’t need email as I had a fax machine!

As David Bowie said “Turn and face the strange Ch-Ch-Changes,” and the way we communicate is changing; My kids send texts, they don’t talk anymore, because they have thumbs and can write in broken English “Wots 4 supper?” or “LOL, k ur it” – I guess I am digressing.

So why should you use multi-channel marketing. Cause you can! That’s why!

Not only can you send a direct mail piece saying “Hello Terry” with relevant images and content to each recipient, you can add a URL (known as a PURL – ‘cause it’s personalized) and when the reader decides to either scan the QR code on the direct mail piece or type in the URL then not only do they get a special offer, unique to them, but if they like it they can send it to all their friends on Facebook… and their friends can open read it, post their thoughts on it and before you know “You’ve gone viral!”

Sound impressive? It does to me! Start with a list of 2,000 and end up reaching 5,000. Now that might be extreme, but the possibility is there with the right offer and call to action!

Think about it… Or do something… most businesses don’t do either. So if you want to be the leader in your market try something new. Try some multi-channel marketing, you might even see your business grow!

BTW – there is no such url as

And BTW, BTW – I am going to drink some of my own Kool Aid and try multi-channel marketing and will report back to you with my results


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