Posted by CoastalPrint on Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I just read a blog article by Ben Casnocha posted on LinkedIn about “taking the time to think,” It made me think, so I shared with everyone in my company.

But more importantly, it made me think about the bigger picture… What if my entire team “thought” and focused on our company’s future success and then wrote it down, and then we reviewed all these focused thoughts?

brain_iconIt has been proven that when people think outside of a group that their thoughts are more innovative (as they are not restricted by social factors that can impair real “out of the box thinking”). So my thought is that we should have a once per month thinking hour – each team member should take an hour to think about how they can improve the performance of the company – at any level.  Then they write it down and submit it.

We should then create a review board where ALL “thoughts” are reviewed and acknowledged. Thoughts should then be arranged in priority of relevance and the impact that implementing the idea will make on the operations of the company. And then actioned on!

Thoughts that add value to the effectiveness of the company should be rewarded in some way… you can decide how to do this.

It’s a new take on the “suggestion box,” however, it should be more effective as a “Thought Hour” is focused and not just random – it also says to all your entire team – “We want your input!”

Your thoughts?

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