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Posted by CoastalPrint on Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Creating a common vision is one of the most difficult tasks of a Leader.  I am laser focused on improving Coastal Printing by incorporating “Lean” philosophies. To do so I understand that I have to “back-off” and let everyone take a step forward, so that they can be part of the process, rather than being empty bystanders.

Today one of my team pointed out to me that there were spelling mistakes in my previous blog… WILD… someone is actually reading my blog (thanks BTW) …so I thought that I should  write some content that lets everyone understand me and that allows them to get to know me – so if you work with me you will understand what makes me tick!

So, here goes…

I changed my title on my email signature today from COO to Business Leader, Compass & Trailblazer… to let each of you know that change is afoot, and change starts with me… Everyone in the Coastal Organization should understand quite clearly what I do, where they stand and how we are all working together towards a common goal  SUCCESS!

My job is not to bully and push people around, it is to inspire and to empower, to create teams and to allow open thinking, and to foster a new culture where everyone has input (that is listened to and actioned upon).

So no longer am I COO, I am the BLCT (not to be confused with a bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich), I am the business leader and  the compass – finding the direction for us to head towards – tapping the magnetic energy of the group, my needle points towards the future…I am the Trailblazer – a pioneer and innovator, cutting a path through the business wilderness for all to follow.

Now that you know what I am doing  – you – my fellow team members can join me on the exciting journey we are embarking on… as a  team of dedicated people who will stand shoulder to shoulder (as one), pushing us forward towards success!

I ask each of my fellow team members to step up to the challenge in front of us and let it redefine us… think about what you do (at Coastal) and come up with a new an innovative job title… write a new job description for yourself, with customer focus at the forefront of your responsibilities…  a CSR may become an Outstanding Service Provider… think about it… someone asks you what you do… and you respond I am an “Outstanding Service Provider” – now that’s the start of a new conversation …and by the time you have finished the person on the other side of the conversation is going to be engaged and will probably want to so business with you and Coastal Printing because of your passion and commitment!

In my world a Leader sets the tone, leads from the front, respects others, listens… really listens, and acts upon what he/she hears… is constantly learning and sharing knowledge, expects the best from everyone and wants everyone to succeed. I will try my best every day to follow this credo…

More to follow… watch this space

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