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Posted by CoastalPrint on Monday, February 14, 2011

My wife is in the marketing biz, and often brings home trade magazines. I picked up one this weekend called “Deliver“, it is published by the USPS and strangely enough was very relevent around cross media . I guess the USPS have some experience when it comes to direct mail, and are feeling “the pinch” as more companies look at alternatives to mail for connecting with their customers.

I found the articles to be interesting and educating and would recommend them to any business owner, sales manager or marketing manager, that is looking to find away to attract attention in the clutter of communication mediums available today!

Deliver is a free magazine – all you need to do is sign up at the website and you to can learn how to better connect with your customer base.

Know this: not everyone does the “extra things” needed to be a market leader, so if you take that extra step to actually go to the website, subscribe to the magazine, then read it when it arrives in the mail, you and your company may take a step up from your competition… and that could mean more sales and more profits… and who wouldn’t like that?

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